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Thanks for Continued Community Support of our Programming


I write with appreciation for the widespread community support for programming for young people in the Amity region. Woodbridge Youth Services and the Town of Bethany sponsor the “Bethwood Bash” for seventh and eighth grade residents seven times each year. This ‘Positive Youth Development’ program is geared toward ‘face-to-face’ socialization, confidence building, and connecting with community. These events usually feature music, entertainment, games, refreshments and raffle prizes. Additional programs and fundraisers include AMS-B staff/student basketball and kickball tournaments.

Each August, new seventh graders are invited for an outdoor picnic with an inflatable slide or obstacle course. This event brings together incoming 7th graders from Bethany and Woodbridge giving them a chance to get acquainted before the start of the school year. These youth programs are held at the Center Building in Woodbridge, Bethany Town Hall or the Middle School in Bethany.

We are proud to offer these fun events in a safe environment that is well-supervised by a staff of 6, a police officer, and parent volunteers. Due to a limited budget, the program relies on support from local businesses and parents for assistance. It is heartwarming to have such generous support from local merchants and community members.

We are grateful to these local merchants for donations throughout the year: The JCC of Greater New Haven, The Country Club of Woodbridge, Wood-n-Tap Restaurant, Entenmann’s Bakery, On The Border Mexican Grill, Wheelers Market-Café and Restaurant, Woodbridge Social, Amity Bowl, Subway Restaurant, Monster Mini Golf and Laser Tag, Taylor Rental, D’Aniellos Amity Bike shop, Stop and Shop, Big Y, Bella’s Café, Billy’s Ice Cream & Marketplace and Kate’s Hot Air.

Special thanks to our volunteers and parent donors: Mia von Beeden, Michele Ward, Alison and Alex Rivera, Nora Slanski, Laura Sexton, Audrey Grotheer, Kara Kachmar and Susan Fernandez. Special thanks to the Human Services Commission- especially Susan Davidson and Chris Lovejoy. Thanks also to the Woodbridge Volunteer Fire Association, the custodians in Woodbridge (William, Carlos and German) and at Amity Middle School Bethany campus (Semyon, George, John and Vogar) as well as all the rest of our fabulous parent and high school student volunteers who donate their time. And finally, we’d like to thank Dr. Richard Dellinger, principal of Amity Middle School- Bethany campus, Vice Principal Thayer Doyle, Social Studies teacher Ms. Marissa Nall, Betty Beecher and April Reynolds for their all-year support.

Jeanette Glicksman, Program Coordinator, Woodbridge Youth Services

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