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The Woodbridge Center 6/26/20

The Woodbridge Center 6/26/20

Exercise From Home!

Woodbridge residents tune into Altice Optimum local access TV Channel 79 for Exercise with Laurie on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 am, repeated at 4 pm and Accessible Gentle Yoga with Julie Luciani on Mondays at 11 am, repeated at 4pm.  Non-residents may contact The Center for access to a Google Doc link to access classes.  Donations are requested to defray cost of instructor fees.

Zoom Exercise

Wednesdays Qigong/T’ai-Chi at 11 am with Bill Banick.  Classes consist of stretching, Qigong, T’ai-Chi walking and T’ai-Chi forms.  Learn to safely stretch, strengthen, align and balance your mind and body.  Contact The Center for a zoom link.

Music Bingo

Runs Wednesdays from 1:30-2:30 pm.  In Musical Bingo the numbers on the bingo cards are replaced by song titles.  Just call into the access number, listen to 30 seconds of a song selection from the 50s or 60s, and figure out if your card has the title of the song on it.  Once you get four in a row shout “BINGO!” and win a prize.  This event is accessible via phone or with zoom on tablet or smartphone.  Call The Center for a weekly call-in number.  Prizes include hand sanitizer and other fun surprises!

Memoir Writing Project

Use memoir writing to revive interesting memories and include letters, postcards, photos, recipes, etc.  Contact The Center to get started on your project.  Entries must be submitted by September 30.  Memoirs will be bound for each participant and a copy of the collection of stories will be available at the Library.  Many thanks to Bailey, Moore, Glazer, Schaefer and Proto LLP for its generous sponsorship.


For medical appointments for those 60+ or disabled is available.  Call to arrange transportation for all medical appointments.  Transportation for grocery shopping and pharmacy pick-up is also available.


Seniors may reserve frozen meals ($4/meal) by noon on Monday for delivery to your home on Tuesday.  Minimum order of two lunches please.

Email Address

Want to receive weekly updates from The Center?  Call or email us with your email address.

AARP Smart Driver

Online course for those needing to renew car insurance discount.  Go to aarpdriversafety.org. nThere will be a 25% discount on completed courses—use DRIVINGSKILLS as your discount code.

Watch Out For Scams

According to the State of Connecticut Department of Banking, social isolation is a leading factor contributing to the financial exploitation of older residents.  While financial abuse can happen at any time, perpetrators may strike during times when seniors are more vulnerable.  Scammers often gather personal details from obituaries and social media posts and use this information to target victims.  As a precaution, add your phone number to the Do Not Call Registry.  Call 888-382-1222 or visit www.donotcall.gov.

Woodbridge Human Services

Woodbridge Human Services is available to assist seniors and families in need with non-perishable food items from the food pantry as well as gift cards to Stop & Shop for perishable items.  Please call 203-389-3429 to speak with a member of the staff.

Monetary donations and gift cards are appreciated.  Donations of canned fruit, Parmalat milk, cereal (hot & cold), tuna, canned chicken, peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, cookies, snack foods, baking mixes, oil, bar soap, toilet paper, paper towels and other non-perishable items are welcome – please make sure all donated items are not expired.  Call 203-389-3429 to arrange a no-contact drop-off appointment.


Woodbridge residents may call The Center to arrange pick-up or delivery of a cloth mask.  Volunteers making masks are invited to contact Woodbridge Human Services to donate.

  1. Woodbridge Center staff memberKristy Moriarty visits with Ann Adamovich and her son John during a social distancing ride-around visit.  The staff will be going out to visit other residents in the coming weeks.
  2. Woodbridge Human Services Director Jeanette Glicksman visits with Adair Luciani during a recent visit.  Members of the staff drove around Woodbridge and delivered small flowering plants, puzzles, word finds and masks to Woodbridge Center members.

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