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The Woodbridge Center Events

The Woodbridge Center Events

The Woodbridge Center announces new exercise classes on TV Channel 79!  Tune into local access Altice Optimum Cable TV channel 79 for Exercise with Laurie on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 am beginning June 9th.  Please send $20.00 to The Woodbridge Center, 11 Meetinghouse Lane per every ten classes you watch in order to defray the instructor cost- indicate exercise on the memo line.  Those who wish to watch on-line can tune into the YouTube channel at wgatv79.  Additionally, The Center is now offering Accessible Gentle Yoga with Julie Luciani which will be aired on Mondays at 11 am beginning June 8th on channel 79 and on YouTube.  Join in for health and wellness in the comfort of your own home!  Please send $5.00 per class watched to The Woodbridge Center.

Music Bingo:  Listen up!  No really, listen…because Bingo is about to get musical!  The traditional numbers on the bingo card have been replaced with song titles.  When you call in to the number provided, you’ll hear 30 seconds of an upbeat song from the 50s or 60s.  Figure out the song title, look for it on your card and if it’s there, mark it off.  When you get 4 in a row (16 box card), yell “BINGO!”  This free event is accessible via phone or internet.  Call The Center for more details:  203-389-3430 on dates, times and to get your bingo card.

Transportation for medical appointments is available for those 60+ or disabled.  Call to arrange transportation needs.

Meals:  Woodbridge seniors may also reserve fresh, flash frozen, prepared meals which will be delivered to your home on Tuesdays.  Cost for these meals is $4.00 and they must be reserved by noon on Monday.

Memoir Writing Project:  Everyone’s story is different and each creative process unique.  Use memoir writing to write down some of your most interesting memories and include letters, postcards, photos, recipes, etc.  Contact The Center to get a list of prompts to start your writing project.  All entries will be bound for each participant and their families and a copy of the collection of stories will be available at the library.  All entries must be submitted by September 30.  Many thanks to Bailey, Moore, Glazer, Schaefer and Proto LLP for their generous sponsorship.

Intergenerational Letter Writing:  The Woodbridge Center, in conjunction with Woodbridge Youth Services, is hosting letter writing between local residents ages 5-18 and the senior population 70+ years old.  This intergenerational writing campaign will help stave off boredom and isolation during the COVID 19 pandemic quarantine.

Letters may contain drawings, poems, observations and general communications and should be placed in an un-sealed envelope.  The Woodbridge Center will address and seal all envelopes and mail them to appropriate community members.  Older students may receive community service for participating.  Letters may be dropped off to the Human Services department by no-contact appointments.  All drop-offs will be at the bench outside The Woodbridge Center and arranged by phone or email.  Call 203-389-3429, 203-389-3430 or email jglicksman@woodbridgect.org or npfund@woodbridgect.org for more information.

Woodbridge Human Services will assist seniors and families in need with non-perishable food items from the food pantry as well as gift cards to Stop & Shop for perishable items.  Please call 203-389-3429 to speak with a member of the staff.  For a list of non-perishable food items needed please visit the Town’s website.  Please make sure all donations have not expired.  Monetary contributions and gift cards are welcome.  Call 203-389-3429 to arrange a no-contact drop-off appointment.

Masks!  Woodbridge residents and others are busy making masks!  To receive a mask, please call 203-389-3430 to be put on the distribution list.

Ladies from Chatfield Farms in Beacon Falls show off the masks they’ve been sewing!  The group, known as the Mask Stitchers at Chatfield, have been sewing and donating masks since March.  Recently, they dropped 100 masks at Woodbridge Human Services for distribution to the residents of Woodbridge.

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