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Town Modifies Bulk Trash Fee

Starting February 1, the Town will modify its bulk trash fee. The Board of Selectmen approved this fee after reviewing and discussing data from the Transfer Station.
The Town’s Transfer Station has a scale which is used to charge haulers bringing in residential trash. Starting February 1, the scale will also be used for residents and contractors bringing in “bulk” trash items, such as furniture and construction demolition. That fee will be $0.10 per pound. Cash is not accepted at the Transfer Station.
“This modified fee is one way for the Town to prepare for a difficult fiscal future by shifting the cost of the service to those who use it rather than have all residents subsidize it,” said First Selectman Beth Heller. “As we begin budget season, it’s important to remember that education takes up approximately two-thirds of our annual operating budget. As the school districts’ budgets continue to increase without a corresponding increase in the Town’s grand list from either new commercial building, more businesses and/or more homes, the Town will be forced to cut services, cut education and/or raise taxes. None of these are palatable options but may be necessary in the future as we continue to have no new revenue sources.

Currently the Town charges $20/cubic yard – in fiscal year 2021 the Town collected $4,511 in bulk trash fees but paid out $69,490 to haul and dispose of bulk tras h. The new fee will cover the Town’s costs.

In addition, the Town will continue to offer bulk trash pickup five months a year, but with a fee. Starting on February 1 there will be a $50 per appointment fee. That fee will partially cover the Town’s cost to run this program including staff time and disposal costs. Bulk pickup is scheduled to run March, April and May and again in the fall.

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