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Town Offers Two New Donation Opportunities

The Town of Woodbridge has two new donation opportunities — benches and trees —for people looking to provide a lasting gift to the Town.  “One of my goals is to make the Town Center Campus a more attractive public gathering space,” says First Selectman Beth Heller.  “These two donation programs will help us maintain and upgrade the look and feel of our Town Center, which is an important reflection on our town.”

Following input from the Commission on the Use of Publicly Owned Properties, the Board of Selectmen agreed to use one style of bench going forward to provide a cohesive look and feel to Town-owned properties.

The tree donation program came into being following the tree removal at Fitzgerald Tract.  Heller asked staff to look into the possibility of replanting the denuded area along Center Road with trees that would not interfere with the power lines and would add to the space’s natural beauty.  In addition to Fitzgerald, the Town is seeking to replace three trees that were removed from the Green.

Benches available for donation cost $2,800 for a 6-foot bench and $3,100 for an 8-foot bench.  The price includes the cost of delivery, installation by the Town and a plaque on which the purchaser may have a message inscribed.  The Town has identified several locations where benches are needed.  A form for bench donation is available on the Town website (woodbridgect.org) and can be reached via the Town’s Public Works Department page and through the Recreation Department page.

Until local nurseries receive their tree stock for the season it is difficult to pinpoint a price, but the Town estimates that a donation of $600 or $700 will cover the cost of a tree, delivery fee, installation and a plaque to thank donors.  More accurate pricing will be available in the spring.  The plan is to line Fitzgerald Fitness Tract along Center Road with Seven Sons, Dogwoods and Crabapples.  Currently the Town Green is in need of three salt-tolerant shade trees.  Species under consideration for this location include Dawn Redwood, Sweet Gum, Honey Locust, White Oak or Black Gum.

Anyone interested in the tree donation program should contact Betsy Yagla at byagla@woodbridgect.org or 203-389-3403 or fill out on the tree donation form which can also be found on the Town website on the Town’s Public Works Department page and through the Recreation Department page.

If enough interest is generated, the Town could begin planting trees as early as the spring.

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