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Town to Test Emergency System

All Woodbridge residents should receive a phone call this month through the Town’s reverse 9-1-1 system. The call (or text, TTY, and/or email) will be the first of two that residents will receive over the course of the year. The Police Department tests the system at the beginning and end of daylight savings time.

“It is important that we warn our residents of weather emergencies and other situations,” said First Selectman Beth Heller. “I would like to thank our Police Department for continuing to be proactive and testing this important communication tool.”

“In an emergency we want to reach residents and be confident and comfortable using the technology we have,” said Police Chief Frank Cappiello.

The message will be clearly labeled a test and it will encourage residents to use CTAlert.gov to update their contact preferences. Residents without a landline may not receive a message unless they have used CTAlert.gov to include their cell phone number. Residents may also include an email address and TTY information.

For non emergencies, call 203-387-2511.

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