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Under The Gun, Woodbridge Should All Be On One Side Of The Aisle

The August 30 filing of the lawsuit by Open Communities Trust, LLC, 2 Orchard Road LLC, Garden Homes Fund, Sally Connolly and Cary Ross, claiming, among other things, that the Town of Woodbridge and the Woodbridge Town Plan and Zoning Commission are in violation of the Connecticut Zoning Enabling Act, the Connecticut Fair Housing Act and a section of the Connecticut Constitution, is very serious business.  The 67-page filing repeats some claims made in the earlier, denied zoning variance application for 2 Orchard Road that received so much attention over a year ago.

In the October 30, 2020 edition of the Woodbridge Town News, this column went into the history of our zoning, explaining the sewer and water issues.  In essence, with no sewer system or city water, residents must rely on septic systems and well water, which requires homes be built in low density and, as single-family homes, the population in any given home would not be excessive.  The original zoning was implemented in 1932, and in the recent past has been changed substantially to address issues raised in that 2 Orchard Road application.  There is much, much more to the story, which is now in the hands of the law firm engaged by the Town to defend us.

A criticism leveled on our First Selectman during the first bout with the applicant, now plaintiff, is that there was little or no information coming from Town Hall regarding what steps the Town was taking, what resources were engaged, or what efforts were being made to resolve the situation.  And while everyone involved in the defense of our town must measure their words, as we are now in litigation, there must be a better effort made to keep residents informed about this lawsuit.  Our reputation has been unjustifiably dragged through the mud on multiple online, broadcast and social media platforms and thus far our First Selectman has said too little.

We know who we are and what we’re not.  Open, yes.  Racist, no.  Exclusionary, no.  This lawsuit cherry picks public comments made by some residents and pins them into “evidence” supporting their wildly inaccurate and offensive claims.  In this litigious environment we must all be mindful of public statements we make that can be twisted, spun or misconstrued.  Which brings me to the point on in-person Board of Selectmen (BOS) meetings.

Whether as a result of the previous column chiding the First Selectman regarding the continuation of Zoom-based BOS meetings, or just good timing, the First Selectman recently announced the September BOS meeting would be in person and open to the public only to reverse that announcement within a few days.  If there was ever a time the BOS needed to hear from, and to speak to, residents live and in person, the time is now.  Let’s hope for a reversal of the reversal as the lawsuit takes center stage for our town leaders.

As critical as the Woodbridge Republicans have been about the way in which important town issues have been handled (and we believe it has been a “target rich environment” for criticism), now is the time for everyone to be on the side of the aisle that defends our town.  Let’s share personal experiences as evidence that the accusations leveled against us are false to their core and support the First Selectman in the effort to defeat this unjust lawsuit with every available resource.  Our good name and the future of Woodbridge depend on it.

This is an opinion piece.

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