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Updates On Woodbridge Dog Park Cooperative

As we had been approved for a dog park months ago but were just waiting for the site to be approved, we had made every effort to be fully ready to move forward quickly as soon as the location was confirmed, including:

  1. Non-Profit Status: we had prepared the necessary paperwork for recognition as a 501c3, including By Laws.  These documents were reviewed by a CPA and filed immediately after receiving approval for the establishment of the dog park on the Fitzgerald property in August.  We expect our final determination letter from the IRS any day.  All donations are tax deductible retroactive to the August filing.
  2. Elections: we held our first annual meeting of the Woodbridge Dog Park Cooperative Inc. on September 5 at which we approved the By Laws and elected four officers and ten Board members.
  3. We created four primary committees to handle financial matters; construction and design of the dog park and the landscaping; marketing – which includes fundraising, events, and community outreach; and management – the team that will review the rules of usage for the dog park which were created by the “Rules Committee” months ago, and review safety protocols – also previously researched, and as we get closer to opening the park, will oversee maintenance and management of the park. These committees have met separately and together in strategy sessions.  We are moving forward fast to meet our fundraising goals and begin the construction of our dog park.
  4. Our first fundraising event is: The First Annual PUPkin Fest Including a Pooch Parade and Canine Costume Contest on October 28 from 1-3 on the Town Green.  Our event was added to the month-long Fallapalooza Events a bit too late to make it onto the fliers and promotional pieces, but is listed on the Woodbridge Website.  It will offer food trucks plus a variety of activities such as Tricks for Treats and include a presentation by the CT State Olympic-winning K9 Team.  Admission is free.  Entry into costume contest $10 with all proceeds used to build our new dog park.  The primary goal of this event is to welcome the entire community to share in our dog park plans while presenting a day of fun for humans and canines.



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