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Voters Affirm Incumbents in Midterm Elections

Voters Affirm Incumbents in Midterm Elections

Woodbridge voters in the November 8 mid-term re-affirmed all incumbents to represent them, both at the state and federal level.

State Senators Jorge Cabrera (D-17) and James Maroney (D-14); and State Rep. Mary Welander (D-114), will all return to the state Legislature to represent the people of their district.  Similarly, at the federal level, US Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro, (D-3) beat their respective challengers, giving Blumenthal a third six-year term and DeLauro her 16th term.

With a turnout of 65.8%, voter participation in the November 8 mid-terms was brisk. Most remarkable maybe was the number of new voters registering the day of the election – 49 this year; 637 voted by absentee ballot, of which 13 were rejected.

Early voting:  Voters in Woodbridge also joined the rest of the state to authorize the General Assembly to work out an early voting framework.  Statewide, 60% of voters supported the ballot initiative.  In Woodbridge, 2,715 voted for, 1,155 against it.

House District 114:  Incumbent Mary Welander (D) of Orange carried the district with 57.8% of the vote.  In Woodbridge she got a total of 2,736 votes for a second term.  The district extends into parts of Hamden and Derby.  Her challenger, Woodbridge resident Daniel Cowan (R) received 1,370 votes, or 42.2% district-wide.

Cowan congratulated Mary Welander on her win, saying, “While the results are not what I expected, I am thankful for all the positive interactions I had in our community and the new people I met along the way.”

Senate District 17:  Incumbent Jorge Cabrera (D) won the vote for a second term.  He carried the district, which encompasses parts of seven towns from Derby to Naugatuck, by 54.7%.  In Woodbridge, he received 2,264 votes.

His challenger, Kathy Hoyt (R), received 1,259 votes.  In an email to voters, she expressed her conviction that the Republican message of safety and affordability had resonated with people across the district.  “We’ve continued to show there’s a better alternative for policy,” she wrote.

Senate District 14:  Incumbent James Maroney (D) won a third term in a district that encompasses Orange, Milford, and parts of Woodbridge and West Haven.  He carried the district with 55% of the vote.  In Woodbridge, he received 445 votes.

These were the Woodbridge results in detail:

For Governor and Lieutenant Governor

  • Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz – (D) 2,737, Griebel Frank (9), Working Families (56);
  • Bob Stefanowski and Laura Devlin – (R) 1,439;
  • Robert Hotaling and Stewart Beckett (I) – 34;
  • Michelle Louise Bicking and Cassandra Martineau (write ins) – 0.

For US Senator

  • Richard Blumenthal – (D) 2,728, (Working Families) 85;
  • Leora Levy – (R) 1,415;
  • John Anderson (write in) – 0;
  • Shabadjob Bharara (write-in) – 0.

For US Congress, Third District

  • Rosa L. DeLauro – (D) 2,735;
  • Lesley DeNardis – (R) 1,415;
  • Amy F. Chai – (I) 89;
  • Justin Paglino – (Greens) 20.

For State Senate, District 14

  • James Maroney – (D) 422, (I) 23;
  • Kim Marie Mullin – (R) 260.

For State Senate, District 17

  • Jorge Cabrera – (D) 2,155, (I) 55, (Working Families) 54;
  • Kathy Hoyt – (R) 1,259.

For State Rep., 114

  • Mary Welander – (D) 2,618, (I) 58, (Working Families) 60;
  • Daniel Cowan – (R) 1,496.

Secretary of the State

  • Stephanie Thomas – (D) 2,602, (Working Families) 86;
  • Dominic Rapini (R) – 1,450;
  • Cynthia R. Jennings – (I) 71.


  • Erick Russell – (D) 2,511, (Working Families) 75;
  • Harry Arora (R) –1,527;
  • Jennifer Baldwin – (I) 86;
  • JoAnna Laiscell – (Libertarian) 8.


  • Sean Scanlon – (D) 2,544, (I) 80; Working Families (62);
  • Mary Fay – (R) 1,507.

Attorney General

  • William Tong – (D) 2,697, Working Families (83);
  • Jessica Kordas – (R) 1,389;
  • AP Pascarella – (I) 35;
  • Ken Krayeske – (Greens) 25.

Judge of Probate

  • Clifford Hoyle – (D) 2,635, (R) 1,482.

Registrar of Voters

  • Pennell Hamilton (D) – 2,552;
  • Anna Dickerson (R) – 1,626.

By Bettina Thiel – Woodbridge Town News Correspondent

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