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Welcome to the Woodbridge Gardens for Wildlife Club and Facebook Group!

Welcome to the Woodbridge Gardens for Wildlife Club and Facebook Group!

What is it?  We (Joi Prud’homme and Enrene van Tonder) are excited to announce the newly created Woodbridge Gardens for Wildlife Club and Facebook Group as an ongoing effort to involve our community members in registering town properties and private residences as Certified Wildlife Habitats with the National Wildlife Federation.  It involves many great projects to do with children, as well as Citizen Scientist opportunities for all ages.  You can fully participate without leaving home!

How?  It’s easier than you think!  Living in Woodbridge, every property has most likely checked most boxes to comply with certification and with small modifications would be able fulfill all requirements.  The Woodbridge Gardens for Wildlife Club is here to help with ideas.  Once you have certified your property, chances are you would like to continue to create more wildlife friendly spaces, take part in Citizen Scientist projects and hang out with other wildlife enthusiasts.


  1. Community Building: The Beecher Road School PTO sees this as a wonderful opportunity to build community while we are still restricted due to Covid and beyond.  The possibilities for collaboration are endless!
  2. Woodbridge Schools and the Town of Woodbridge could potentially benefit by receiving federal and state monies and grants for educational programming and conservation of wildlife environments.
  3. Woodbridge residents will also benefit from the positive effects of enjoying nature, which is known to enhance physical and mental health.

Who?  Anyone who lives in Woodbridge who is interested in learning about, creating and maintaining wildlife friendly spaces and participating in community-wide projects.  Beecher Road School, the BRS PTO, the Woodbridge Garden Club, the Town of Woodbridge and eventually other organizations will join forces to learn, create and conserve wildlife spaces and habitats throughout our beautiful town.


Step 1:  Join our private Facebook group to learn more and for inspiring/sharing ideas:  www.facebook.com/groups/woodbridgegardensforwildlife;

Step 2:  Go through the checklist to see which requirements you have already met to see how to certify your property as a Certified Wildlife Habitat with the National;

Step 3:  Certify your property as a Wildlife Habitat at www.nwf.org/certifiedwildlifehabitat and proudly display your sign (or choose not to certify and just do the projects that interest you);

Step 4:  Continue sharing and getting inspiration from our club and join in future projects.

Cost?  FREE to join Woodbridge Gardens for Wildlife Group/Club, but if you want to certify your garden through the National Wildlife Federation, the Certification Fee is $20, and you can purchase a metal sign to proudly display on your property for an additional $30. ,There are also a variety of sign options available for purchase on this site:  https://www.nwf.org/Garden-for-Wildlife.

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