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What is Cold Laser and Can It Help My Pain

Cold Laser Therapy, technically termed Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), has been used in a variety of formats for years with tremendous success.  Physical Therapists have been utilizing this research supported technology to help patients with their pain and dysfunction.

The goal in this transmission of laser light is to enhance the energy of the cells in the particular tissue/area of the body that is injured.  If we can get damaged or degenerated cells to absorb as much of this light energy as possible, we will see decreased inflammation, increased blood and lymphatic circulation, relaxation of muscles, and relief of pain and stiffness.

This type of therapy can be used to heal both acute and chronic injuries in addition to a wide array of conditions.  LLLT can help with the healing, inflammation and pain reduction of diagnoses including:  arthritis, bursitis, back and neck strains, sciatica, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff tears, Achilles tendinitis, Tennis and Golfers Elbow, neuropathy, disc herniation, plantar fasciitis, and post operative pain (just to name a few).

While the list of what conditions it can help is much longer, understanding the benefits and risks of any treatment is important.  The improvement which can be had from use of Cold Laser Therapy is tremendous with little to no risk.  Given that the applicator produces only LED light without generating any heat, there are no risks of burns like with other lasers.

All treatments are performed in a 1-on-1 setting with protective glasses worn by both the therapist and the patient to protect the eyes while the applicator is active.  The addition of this great treatment to our practice has helped many patients with varying conditions substantially decrease their pain, stiffness, swelling, and inflammation.

LLLT is a great addition to a formal PT treatment.  While the laser can help reduce the pain, swelling, and inflammation, optimal results and long-term carryover are maximized when combined with direct and effective mobility and stability training to fix the underlying reason why the pain and inflammation are happening in the first place.

In our experience, we are seeing patients benefit in as little as 1-2 sessions.  This has proven to be a beneficial treatment for patients suffering from both acute and chronic pain.  Research has proven LLLT to be more effective than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the treatment of acute injuries.

Safe, effective, drug-free pain relief…what’s not to love!  Want to know more about if LLLT could be right for you?  Call (203) 389-4593 to speak to a therapist or visit www.amitypt.com

Kyle Branday, MSPT, C-PS, is a licensed Physical Therapist and is the supervisor of the Woodbridge office.  He is a graduate of Quinnipiac University where he earned his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy.  In addition, Kyle is Level 2 Certified by the Institute of Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatment for Dry Needling.  Kyle enjoys treating patients with a wide range of orthopedic and neurological conditions.

Kyle has extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic orthopedic and sports injuries, neurological rehabilitation, manual therapy, sports specific training, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and works with patients ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Recently, he has completed course work to earn designation as a Champion Performance Specialist (C-PS) to enhance his work with elite athletes and weekend warriors alike.  Kyle is an avid sports fan and works with our patients in our Sports Performance Programs.

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