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Letter: WLT & WPA Come Together with A Shared Goal

The Woodbridge Land Trust (WLT) and the Woodbridge Park Association (WPA) have come together with a shared goal:  to preserve and protect American patriot Roger Sherman’s Clover Hill Farm (the former Country Club of Woodbridge).  Our two organizations have submitted a formal offer to purchase a grant of conservation restriction on this property, one of the largest, most magnificent parcels of open space land remaining in our town.

The First Selectman has raised concerns about our plan because she believes it will “tie up” the land.  However, we believe that protecting open space does not tie up land, rather it opens up the land to uses that benefit the entire community.

In 10, 20, 50, 100 years, do you think anyone will be at all interested in how much it cost to protect this precious natural resource?  The cost is irrelevant – the land is priceless!

Woodbridge residents have an opportunity to do something profound:  protect – forever – a historic farm and beautiful open space land in our town.  In the coming weeks and months, the WLT and WPA plan to provide our neighbors with facts to show that – both short and long term – the only truly viable proposal for the Roger Sherman Farm is our proposal.

Economically, ecologically, environmentally, historically, psychologically, aesthetically– this property will benefit the residents of Woodbridge far more as protected open space than any of the housing developments proposed over the last twelve years.

Stay tuned…

Chris Dickerson, President, Woodbridge Park Association
Bryan Pines, President, Woodbridge Land Trust

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