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Woodbridge Citizens Activate Political Action Committee to Oppose Arbor Haven Development

A group of concerned citizens has organized “United for Woodbridge,” a Political Action Committee (PAC) focused on opposing Arbor Haven’s proposed housing development on the town owned open space formerly known as the Country Club of Woodbridge (CCW).

Arbor Haven, a real estate developer based in Fairfield County, is proposing to build a residential development of 145 homes on 100 acres, covering nearly all of the usable land on the site.

The Town’s Commission on the Use of Publicly Owned Properties (CUPOP), whose jurisdiction includes the former Country Club, heard the presentation from Arbor Haven and voiced many serious concerns about the proposal.  CUPOP voted unanimously in October 2021 to request that the Selectmen table any action related to housing development until July 2022 when the town will finalize its state-mandated housing plan.  The Town’s Conservation Commission also voiced major objections to Arbor Haven’s scheme and voted unanimously to reject the Arbor Haven proposal.

The Woodbridge Board of Selectmen agreed at its December 2021 meeting to table all proposals for the CCW, but inexplicably reversed course at its January meeting and announced that it would pursue negotiations with Arbor Haven.

“Arbor Haven has presented an incomplete, misleading analysis of the effects such a massive development will have on our Town,’ said Paul Harrigan, United for Woodbridge’s Treasurer.  “We believe that Arbor Haven’s proposal vastly overestimates Town revenues and vastly underestimates Town expenses for the Amity School District, Beecher Road School, and other town services.  We plan to distribute to our fellow citizens the complete facts about the cost of such a large residential development and to show, in contrast, the financial, environmental, health, and quality of life benefits of preserving the land as open space.  Concerned citizens are encouraged to contact us at UnitedforWoodbridge@gmail.com.”

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