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Woodbridge is Looking for A Few Good Men – and Women

From the First Selectman

Every two years the Board of Selectmen approves appointments to the Town’s many boards and commissions. These are volunteer positions that are critical to our Town’s operations. Some boards and commissions have state statutory requirements; others are created and governed by the Town charter or ordinances. All are important.

For example, the Board of Finance sets and monitors the Town budget; the EMS Commission monitors performance of the Town’s contracted ambulance service; the Country Club of Woodbridge Commission monitors the performance of the Town’s publicly owned but privately operated golf course and the Investment Committee monitors the Town’s investments.

Other commissions include Government Access Television Commission, Inland Wetlands Agency, Commission on Publicly Owned Property, Building Board of Appeals, Library Commission, Recreation Commission, Conservation Commission, Economic Development Commission, Fire Commission, Human Services Commission, Police Commission, and Town Plan & Zoning Commission.

Membership on each of these commissions requires mastery of different issues and calls on various skill sets and interests. Most commissions meet once a month for 1-2 hours or so, although the time commitment can vary at different times of the year. The benefit to the Town is enormous.

Volunteer commission members help determine the direction of Town departments and, often, the Town in general. They organize events for the benefit of the public, such as: Conservation Commission hosted a hike on the Racebrook Tract earlier this month; Economic Development hosts events for local businesses; Recreation organizes the summer concerts and the fall Road Race. Some commissions (Library, Police, Human Services) are involved in the personnel hiring process and some make decisions about how private and public land is used (Commission on Publicly Owned Property, Building Board of Appeals, Town Plan & Zoning).

Volunteering as a board or commission member is a great way to get involved and give something back to your community by sharing your expertise and passion. In a small town like Woodbridge, so much of what is accomplished is a result of the generous contribution of Town volunteers – even non commission volunteers contribute a lot, just look at Pease Place Playground!

If you would like to be considered as a volunteer board or commission member, please email your resume to Geraldine Shaw at Town Hall via gshaw@woodbridgect.org by June 19. The Board of Selectmen will make appointments at a special meeting on June 24.

Please join us at the Town’s swearing-in ceremony on July 1 at 4 p.m. at the Gazebo on the Woodbridge Town Green. This brief ceremony will be followed by a reception at the Senior Center. After every election the newly elected and re-elected officers need to be “sworn in” to office and this public ceremony is a wonderful time for us to be together.

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