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Woodbridge Park Association 90th Anniversary Event

Woodbridge Park Association 90th Anniversary Event

The Woodbridge Park Association is proud to announce as a part of its 90th anniversary event this year a special program on Saturday, June 8th at 1:00 PM in the Community Room at the Woodbridge Town Library.  Woodbridge Notable Tree Project Senior Advisor, Mike Montgomery will provide a presentation on the Woodbridge Notable Tree Project, followed by questions and answers.  He will be introduced by Notable Tree Project Co-Chairs Paul DeCoster and Rich Forselius.  We will also have an arborist attending who can answer any questions about trees you have.  Everyone is invited to this special event to honor 90 years of the Woodbridge Park Association and learn about the Woodbridge Notable Tree Project!

Woodbridge is blessed with thousands of home lots and tracts of open space containing native and non-native species of trees.  From the earliest days of human habitation in Amity Parish, trees have played a vital role in providing shelter, fuel and building supplies for inhabitants.  In Woodbridge we have many trees which are older, in some cases hundreds of years older, than many of our houses.  We have trees which are worthy of special identification, because of their beauty, size and (for some of them) their historical and memorial significance.

Woodbridge already has nominated 19 trees, and 14 town trees are listed on the Connecticut state list with locations, common and scientific names, measurements, pictures, etc., with more trees to come. We have three state champions!  This material can be accessed at the following website:  http://oak.conncoll.edu:8080/notabletrees/SelectTown.jsp.

We will also have pictures of the Woodbridge trees which have been measured to date with notations on species, size, etc. and static photographs for display.  If you have nominated a notable tree, you are especially invited to attend!  This is a great time of year for you to capture photographs of any flowering trees you may have; new nominations are welcomed!  For a nomination form, see the Woodbridge Park Association website at:  http://www.woodbridgeparks.org.

The Woodbridge Notable Tree final report which will include all the measured town’s notable trees we expect will be ready some time in 2020.

Shown: Connecticut State Champion

  • Columnar Norway Spruce
  • First Church of Christ
  • Points: 238
  • Circumference: 107 in.
  • Height: 121.5 ft
  • Avg. Spread: 34 ft.


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