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Woodbridge Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD)

To the Editor,

As the 2015 version of the Woodbridge Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) nears completion a rich irony has emerged. According to state statute, the once-every-ten-years POCD is a “statement of policies, goals and standards for the physical and economic development of the municipality”. As such, its preparation must be visionary and all inclusive; to that end the sincere, time-consuming, and volunteer efforts by Town Plan and Zoning Commission members are praiseworthy. I would underscore that a POCD does not mandate zoning changes, is not binding, and is open to periodic amendment, all of which is important as town residents consider the future of the Country Club of Woodbridge.

It is ironic that loudest among critics and detractors of this year’s process are chief architects of the 2005 POCD, which a) envisioned the presence of future cluster housing in town, yet b) completely failed to identify the Country Club of Woodbridge as significant open space and therefore was silent about its future should the parcel become available.

Due diligence by the current administration to solicit ideas, suggestions, and proposals for that property, and now to envision and include all possibilities in a new POCD, honors the splendor of that significant parcel while acknowledging a need to address the significant financial responsibility the town has assumed for it.

Laurence Grotheer

Editor’s Note: The writer is serving his third term on the Board of Selectmen

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