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Woodbridge Receives Major State Grant for Animal Control Shelter

The Town of Woodbridge is among 16 grant recipients in the second round of funding for the state’s Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP), Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced. Woodbridge will receive $400,000 to support the planning and construction of the renovation of the interior and exterior of the existing regional animal shelter that jointly serves Woodbridge, Bethany and Seymour. Woodbridge administers the facility and charges a fee to Bethany and Seymour. This project will benefit the three communities and aid in the humane treatment and care of animals in the region.

The building provides temporary shelter to animals from the three towns. Because of its excellent reputation for humane treatment and its very high rate of successful placement in permanent homes, the animal shelter attracts many dedicated volunteer workers and visits from prospective pet owners from throughout the region.

“I am so pleased to receive this significant state grant,” said First Selectman Ellen Scalettar. “This money will help the Town continue to provide the high quality of care for which our shelter in known. I’d like to thank the Governor for the grant and our state delegation for supporting us in our application which was so well prepared by our Finance Director, Tony Genovese. I’d also like to thank the group of volunteers who have committed to help the Town raise the additional money necessary to complete the project.”

STEAP grants are designed to assist small towns with infrastructure improvement projects. In the past Woodbridge has received STEAP grants to install sidewalks in the business district and re-pave the Beecher Road School parking lots and sidewalks.

“By partnering with our smaller communities, our state can assist towns with infrastructure projects that will help them grow, remain competitive, attract businesses, and bring added value to residents for years to come,” Governor Malloy said in a press release. “These STEAP grants allow us to get funding directly to municipalities to complete projects that make Connecticut a better place to work and live.”

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