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Woodbridge Recreation Yoga/T’ai-Chi Programs

Woodbridge Recreation Yoga/T’ai-Chi Programs

It could be one of Woodbridge’s Best Kept Secrets!  You may have seen them outside the Center Building on Meetinghouse Lane or in Room 16 striking poses or moving in a slow, dance-like manner.  There is a thriving community of yogis and T’ai-Chi practitioners right in our own back yard.  Mornings are a time to awaken the mind, body and spirit so as to set yourself up for a healthy and prosperous day.  Evenings are a time to revitalize and move toward a relaxing, restful night and a replenishing sleep.  Residents of Woodbridge and surrounding towns are fortunate to have the tools and instructors on hand to facilitate just such things.  Yoga and T’ai-Chi provide the pathways to achieve better health and well-being and we can learn and enjoy these gems here in Woodbridge.  Let’s reveal the secret and Spread the Word!

Meet the Woodbridge Rec Instructors:

Diane King, Teacher of Yoga

Diane’s love, practice, and respect for yoga has guided her for over 50 years.  Initially trained in the gentle style of Integral Yoga, and later in YogaSpirit methodologies, she continually adds training and depth through studies in Viniyoga, Iyengar, yin, yoga for bone strength, meditation, and the tai-chi related practice of qigong.  Her style has always been eclectic, drawing on practices best suited for her current students.  For instance, given that many older people have sensitive knees, the morning classes eliminate any postures that require you to be on your knees.  We stand, and then move to the floor until the end of class.  Diane is particularly interested in building strength and balance (stability) and releasing tension through active movement and breathing styles that foster calm and relaxation.  Flexibility is NOT a prerequisite for yoga; an open mind and heart are more important.  She also likes to share information about all the recent studies that corroborate the many healthful benefits of yoga.  Join a community of caring friends on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10:30-11:45 am or Monday from 5:30-6:45 pm.  This class meets in Room 16 of the Center Building.  If you are new to this class, please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early.  Wear comfy clothes.  Questions? Contact Woodbridge Recreation (203) 389-3446 or email yogadiane@gmail.com

Bill Banick, teacher of Taijiquan (T’ai-Chi), Qigong, Yoga and Meditation

“Bill Banick has been practicing T’ai-Chi for over 30 years and Yoga for 17 years.  This is his full-time passion and vocation.

Bill began studying Tang Soo Do when he was 13, inspired by Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and the Kung Fu T.V. Show.  He was amazed by the martial arts and taken with the Eastern Philosophy.  He went on to study Northern Shaolin Wushu, Liu Seong Royal Kung-Fu and Taijiquan.  He received the highest rank of Orange Sash in his Kung-Fu system.

Bill found Yoga through a friend and became certified in 200 and 500 hours.  He also received 500 hour certification in Tantric Yoga of the Himalayan Masters and Ayerveda traditions.

He continues to study with teachers in order to deepen his practice and garner knowledge for his students.

His goal is to bring these healing modalities to those in need of mind/body health and well-being.  He works with a diverse clientele, from curious beginners, to professional athletes, those with special needs, folks recovering from injuries and those dealing with issues such as Parkinson’s and MS.  Bill’s classes are designed to suit the character and abilities of the students present.  Form and flow, dynamic and still, challenging and relaxing, all seeming opposites blend into a harmonious balancing of mind, body and spirit”.

Bill Banick is the founder of Long River Taijiquan and co-founder of BigFaceLove Yoga.  Bill’s Woodbridge Class Schedule:  Monday thru Friday Yoga classes (8:30-9:45 am) begin March 2 and Tuesday evening Yoga classes (5:30-6:45 pm) begin March 3.  A New Authentic T’ai-Chi Class (10:00-11:00am) begins Friday March 6 with the Wednesday evening Class (6:30-7:30pm) starting February 5.

A Free Yoga and T’ai-Chi Class is available to any new student.  Free Yoga Week is February 24-28, AM and PM for New Students.  Contact Bill @ Lrtaiji@yahoo.com and check out his website:  BigFaceLoveYoga.com.

Both instructors are experienced, well-trained and certified teachers who have been building a Sangha or community of practitioners.  These mind/body modalities are proven, effective means of maintaining or regaining one’s health through mindful practice.  Register online @ www.woodbridgect.org.

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