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Woodbridge Recycling Center

Residents should be aware of what items they are placing in their recycling bin and whether or not they are recyclable.  Recently, the Town was alerted that one load of recycling taken to our contracted recycling center had at least 10% contamination.  That means 10% of items or more were not recyclable.  When a load meets the 10% threshold the Town is charged a fee.  If this happens repeatedly the recycling center will reject Woodbridge recycling.

“Please pay attention to what you put in your trash bin and what goes in your recycling bin!” said First Selectman Beth Heller.  “Proper recycling is better for the Earth and for the Town’s bottom line.”  The Town pays approximately $37/ton to dispose of recycling and about $65/ton to dispose of trash.

Recycling collection centers are spot monitoring for contamination and sending feedback to municipalities.  In April the Town had a contaminated load and again in May.  Contaminated loads cost the Town more money.  Plastic bags are the most common item that contaminate recycling loads.  Another common contamination source is leftover food in containers.

Residents are encouraged to visit the “recycle wizard” at recyclect.com to learn if specific items can be recycled.  A few examples of non-recyclable items are:  pizza boxes; black plastic; shredded paper; bottle caps.

The State is facing a looming trash crisis and the expectation is that the cost to dispose of trash will continue to rise.  The Town is encouraging residents to think before they throw.  To date, the Town has installed a scale at the Transfer Station to charge haulers by weight before it is delivered to the trash-to-energy facility.  The scale is now also used for residents disposing of bulky trash items such as furniture or demolition materials.  In addition, the Town has a separate glass recycling container so that residents may dispose of glass for recycling.  Glass is heavy and often breaks, thereby contaminating other recyclables.

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