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Woodbridge Regional Animal Control Says Be “Bear Aware”

Black Bears in CT usually den from late November until mid-March.  As winter approaches they become increasingly active in finding food sources to sustain them through the winter months.  In Woodbridge as well as many CT communities black bear sightings have increased.  Here is a brief guide to becoming “Bear Aware” and keeping safe while we share our Towns and planet with other creatures.

At Home Bear Basics:

  1. Never feed or approach bears, intentionally or accidentally!
  2. Secure Food, Garbage and Recycling! Food and food odors attract bears and can do so from quite a distance.  Ammonia in your secured trash container may help.
  3. Remove bird feeders when bears are active and awake from late March through late November!
  4. Never leave pet food outdoors! If you must feed your pet outdoors, feed in single servings and pick up any leftover food or bowls after feeding.  Store pet food where bears cannot see or smell it.
  5. Clean and store your grills! Make sure that all fat, grease and food particles are removed and grill is stored in a garage or shed.
  6. Avoid placing meat scraps or sweet foods, such as fruit and fruit peels in compost piles.
  7. If you have a bear in your yard, do not approach it! Go inside.  If the bear persistently approaches before you can retreat into your house or garage, go on the offensive…shout, wave your arms and throw sticks or rocks.
  8. Bears + Dogs = Trouble! Letting dogs chase or bark at bears is asking for trouble; don’t force a bear to defend itself.
  9. Carry Bear Spray and know how to use it! Bear spray is the easiest and most effective way to deter a bear that keeps approaching and appears to be threatening.
  10. Alert your neighbors to bear activity and share information on how to avoid bear conflicts! Bears have adapted to living near people; now it is up to us to adapt to living near bears.

Additional information can be found on the CT DEEP website and also at BearWise.org.

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