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Woodbridge Residents Saving In Drug Costs Through The CCM Discount Prescription Drug Card Program

The Town of Woodbridge, through its membership with the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM), the statewide association of towns and cities, has already saved Woodbridge residents almost $25,000 in prescription costs since joining CCM’s Discount Prescription Drug Card Program in November 2013.  That represents a 55 percent savings over what Woodbridge’s residents would have paid for the 564 prescriptions filled thus far.

Since CCM began offering the “CCM Discount Prescription Drug Card” program in September 2012, 140 towns and cities have signed up for the program.  During that time, residents in the participating communities have filled more than 250,000 prescriptions and saved more than $12 million with an average prescription savings of 50 percent.

The program is free to any CCM-member municipality, and can be used by any resident to obtain steep discounts and savings on any prescriptions not covered by insurance, including any prescriptions for your pet that can be filled at a regular retail pharmacy.  There are no costs to either the participating municipalities or their residents, and the program is completely anonymous.

“CCM is pleased to offer this valuable community service to the Town of Woodbridge,” says CCM’s George Rafael, Director, Municipal Resource and Service Center.  “This program has helped Connecticut residents save hundreds of thousands of dollars on their medications, and certain vision and hearing services, with discounts on eye exams, LASIK procedures, frames and lenses, and hearing aids.  Even if you have prescription insurance, this card can help residents save when their current insurance card doesn’t cover a medication, or if their pet needs medication that is human-based.”

“I thank CCM for coordinating this important resource for Woodbridge residents, and I encourage all residents to use the card,” said First Selectman Beth Heller.

The discount cards are widely accepted at all national chain pharmacies and most local independent pharmacies.  Cards can be used by all residents regardless of age, income or existing health coverage.  There are no enrollment forms, membership fees, restrictions or limits on frequency of use for residents.  Residents can print out a card easily by visiting www.CTRxDiscountCard.com, and selecting the Town of Woodbridge from the drop-down menu.  Cards are also available at Woodbridge Town Hall, 11 Meetinghouse Lane.  The website also contains a “Learn the Perks of the Card” section where residents can locate a participating pharmacy, comparison shop their medication, and find the information on the discounts that are also available on vision, hearing, and LASIK services.

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