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Woodbridge Selectmen Fill Government Positions

Woodbridge Selectmen Fill Government Positions

The Woodbridge Board of Selectmen-elect met June 27 — the day before being officially sworn in — to make appointments to those boards and commissions that are not elected.  They also reconfirmed several paid positions, such as for town counsel, town clerk and tax collector.

The appointments to volunteer boards are based on recommendations by the Democratic and Republican town committees.  As opposed to previous years, when the board voted on each candidacy separately, Town Hall smoothed the process by coordinating with the political organizations beforehand, getting the number of candidates they needed to fill the open posts, and then voting on the whole slate of candidates for a particular board.

First Selectman Beth Heller thanked all candidates for their willingness to serve.  She also thanked Republican Selectmen Joe Dey and Dwight Rowland for their cooperation in making these appointments.

Board of Finance:

Susan Jacobs (D), Paul Kuriakose (Unaff.), and Matt Giglietti ® were appointed to four-year terms; Ellen Scalettar (D) was appointed to fill the two-year term of Andrew Pels, who moved out-of-town.

Town Plan and Zoning

Allen Lipson (D) and Kathleen Wallace (D) were re-appointed to the zoning commission; new to the commission is Robert Klee (D).  For alternates, the board appointed Yonatin Zamir-Alt (D) and Chris Sorensen ®.  Not returning to the board is its long-time chairman, Jeff Kaufman.  Board members Lawrence Greenberg, Paul Schatz and Andrew Skolnick terms as well as Alternate member Jeffrey Kennedy are not up for re-appointment until 2021.

Inland Wetlands

David Speranzini (D), Jack Kurek (D) and Alternate Jean Webber (D) will all be returning to the Inland/Wetlands Agency.  The other members are Robert Blythe, Joshua I. Goldberg, Barry Josephs and Alternate Joshua Lemon.

Conservation Commission

Leland Torrence and Karen Sklarz (Unaff.) will be returning to the Conservation Commission.  Newly appointed are Sharon DeKadt (D) and Julie Parr (D).

Commission on the Use of Publicly Owned Properties (CUPOP)

Nancy Polk (D) and Chairman Lor Ferrante-Fernando ® were re-appointed to the commission.  Nicole Donzello (D) will replace Marc Keslow.  The other members are Leslie Lyons, Patti McKeon and Marty Halprin.

Board of Building Appeals

Bruce Schaefer (D) and Joseph Palumbo ® are returning to the board.  Christopher Burr-Bahner ® will replace Jay Alpert.  Stephen Buda and Patti McKeon will serve until June 2021.

Board of Police Commissioners

All three members of the board whose terms were up this spring were re-appointed to the board, namely Att. Robert Berke (D); Dr. Debbie Desir (D) and Dr. Debbie Fried (D).

Board of Fire Commissioners

Chairman Elia Alexiades (D), Karen Kravetz (D) and Michael Horton (Unaff.) will be returning for another four-year term.

Recreation Commission

Two long-time members of the Recreation Commission are not returning this year, Stanley Gedansky and Robert Hill.  To fill their seats, the board voted in Mary Alvarado (D) and Michael Helfenbein (D).  It re-appointed Smith Mowry (D) to the Recreation Commission.  William DeRosa ® was voted in to replace Dwight Rowland, who joined the Board of Selectmen.

Human Services Commission

Susan Davidson (Unaff.) will be returning to the Human Services Commission.  New are Arnold Holtzman (D), John Labianec (D) and Patrick Madden (Rep).

Library Commission

Andi Doucette (D) and Thomas Shernow (Rep) will the returning to the Library Commission.  New to the commission are Margaret Hamilton (D) and Barbara Jean Ahern (Unaff.).  They will replace long-time commission members and former chairman Aldonna Noto and Loredana Falcigno.  The other commission members are Renee Bevacqua Bollier, Jeanette Glicksman, Emily Schoenhofen Sharp, Ellen Spark and Judi Young.

Economic Development

Jeremy Rosner (Unaff.) will continue to serve on the Economic Development Commission.  New are Clio Nickolakis, Tobe Nwangwu, Shawn Flynn and Debra Barbieri Brander.  They will be joining Brooks Dougherty, Michael Holland and Wayne Luciani.  Not returning to the commission are long-term chairman Jody P. Ellant, Yaron Baitch, Kenneth E. Campbell and Jamison Scott.

Sperry Park

Sheila McCreven (D) as well as John Adamovich ® and Christopher Burr-Bahner ® were re-appointed to the committee.

Emergency Medical Services

Oliver Hulland (D) and Dr. Marvin Aarons ® were appointed to serve on the EMS Commission.

Government Access TV

Aldon Hynes (D) and Theresa Burr-Bahner ® were re-appointed to the commission.

Board of Ethics

Selectmen appointed Teri Schatz (D), Andrew Schaffer (D) as well as incumbent Dominick Thomas (D) and Dorothy Martino ® to serve on the Board of Ethics.

Town Counsel

Selectmen appointed Attorney Gerald Weiner to continue in his capacity of town counsel.  “He has served our town well,” Heller said when making the motion.  She said he has been very prudent and charged the town less than the $85,000 he could have according to his contract.  “Over the last three years he has saved us over $50,000,” she said.


The board appointed Alan Weiss as treasurer and Dean Joseph Celotto as assistant treasurer.

Town Clerk and Assistants

Selectmen re-appointed Town Clerk Stephanie Ciarleglio and the assistants, Beth Lynch, Karen Berchem and Ellie Sheehy.  Ciarleglio also was re-appointed registrar of vital statistics and census taker.

Tax Collector

Tax Collector Pat Crisco and Assistant Linda Cahill.

Labor consultant

Dave Ryan.

Representative to the Southcentral EMS Council — Dept. Police Chief Ray Stuart.

Representative to the Greater New Haven Transit District – Judi Young.

Citation Hearing Officers — Elia Alexiades and Pat Madden.

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