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Your Voice Counts:  Why You Should Submit New Law Ideas

By State Senator James Maroney

During the previous legislative session, a constituent from our community came to me with a problem.  This individual talked to me about the need for affordable Internet access.  Thanks to their input, I got right to work communicating with Comcast which resulted in an expansion of Comcast’s Internet Essentials Program.  This expansion will benefit low income earners resulting in nearly 191,000 households across our state, which includes low income households, seniors and individuals with disabilities, being connected.

This is a prime example of the power of constituent feedback.

Log onto any social media platform, and I’m sure you’ll see your friends and neighbors sharing their views, thoughts, opinions and ideas on how our government could run more seamlessly.  Some may express feeling silenced, or may even feel as though their viewpoints don’t matter to state lawmakers.  I understand, and want to ensure residents in our community never feel that way.  That is why I welcome and encourage your feedback and participation.

Much like the aforementioned constituent that came to me with an issue, only to see it resolved, your feedback can bring about necessary changes and improvements.  With the 2020 legislative session beginning in February, I am focusing more of my attention on crafting bills for next year and cannot do it alone.

Next year is a short session, lasting from February to May.  During next year’s session, only committees can introduce bills.  As co-chair of the Veterans Affairs and Aging Committees, and a member of four other committees, I look forward to these committees producing legislation that will not only see the House and Senate Floor and eventually get the Governor’s signature, but specifically benefit the people of the Orange and the surrounding towns and cities in the 14th state Senate District.

There are several ways to get in touch with me to share ideas for laws.  First, you can contact me through my webpage at www.senatedems.ct.gov/maroney-contact, and drop a line or two expressing your concerns.  Second, you can fill out the legislative survey on my webpage by visiting www.senatedems.ct.gov/maroney-survey.  There you can provide information on issues you feel need to be addressed.  Another great way to get in touch with me and share your ideas is to meet with me Thursday mornings.

Each Thursday, I hold office hours from 8 am-9 am in the 14th State Senate district.  I hold my office hours in Orange at the Starbucks located on 538 Boston Post Road the third Thursday of each month.  I welcome you to swing by, grab a cup of coffee and let me know what is on your mind.

These interactions are incredibly advantageous to our community, as they lead to legislation that benefits our state and district.  I am encouraged to see residents in this community already reach out with ideas and I am grateful for their participation.  I look forward to getting even more work done in 2020, and I’m pleased to know we are working collaboratively to make the 14th District an even better place to live for working families, veterans, seniors and our youth.  I hope to hear from you soon.

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