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Youth Services – 11/21/14

Parent Support Group

Amity High School, Woodbridge Youth Services, and the Orange Drug and Alcohol Action Committee invite local parents who struggle with children who are, or may be involved with substance abuse to share experiences and concerns in a confidential setting. Interested parents may join the Amity Parent Support Group which meets every other Friday morning at 7:45 in the Woodbridge Senior Center Lounge on the lower level at 4 Meetinghouse Lane. Meetings are scheduled for December 5th and December 19th. For more information, please contact Gary Lindgren at AHS or Nancy Pfund at (203) 389-3429, or e-mail npfund@woodbridgect.org

Woodbridge Job Bank for Woodbridge Residents

Why Rake Those Leaves? Teens Need Jobs in Woodbridge
The Woodbridge Job Bank has numerous teenagers who are experienced in leaf raking, tutoring, babysitting, pet care, and other odd jobs. Many have completed the American Red Cross Babysitters Training Course. If you are a Woodbridge resident and would like more information, call Woodbridge Youth Services at 203-389-3429.

Are You a Woodbridge Teen Who Wants to Earn Some Cash?
Woodbridge teens between the ages of 13 and 18 who are willing to work and want to earn money should contact Woodbridge Youth Services at 203-389-3429 to learn how to join the Job Bank. Parental permission is required to join.  Jobs may include raking, childcare, pet care, snow shoveling, housework, tutoring, and other odd jobs. We help teens find work with Woodbridge residents who need a hand around the home or office. It’s a great way to build responsibility and gain work experience close to home.


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